Dragon Ball Super Episode 131

  Title:  The Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Story

With Goku down, Frieza and No. 17 face off against Jiren. No. 17 manages to injure Jiren, who collapses from exhaustion. Frieza is about to eliminate Jiren, who accepts his impending defeat, but Top calls out to Jiren and inspires him to keep fighting despite his injuries. Jiren powers up and fires a massive blast at Frieza and No. 17. They form a barrier to shield themselves, but Frieza is running low on energy and loses his Golden form. Before Jiren can overpower them, Goku manages to get back up and rejoins the others. Goku adds his strength to the barrier and enables them to block Jiren’s blast. Source wikipedia read more

Dragon ball super episode 131

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